Our Spa

Massages ~

Classic ~ A calming massage to increase circulation, relieve tension and ease stress using light to moderate strokes to fully relax and rejuvenate!

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage ~ This massage focuses on severe to chronic tension, injuries and pain using moderate to firm pressure while targeting trouble zones.

Reflexology ~ Reflexology stimulates pressure points on the feet and hands to help cleanse the body of toxins and restore balance.

Hot Stone Massage ~ Feel your troubles melt away as you lie on a warm bed of heated stones.
The stones will glide along your muscles leaving behind warm traces of relaxation.

Maternity Massage ~ Gentle and nurturing, this massage focuses on the needs of the mother-to-be.

Reiki ~ Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

Chakra Massage ~ Promotes balance throughout the body using Chakra balancing traditions and seven key aromas.

Thai Poultice Massage ~ Steamed bundles of specially blended herbs and spices are massaged into tired aching muscles. This traditional treatment will soothe muscle tension, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin.

Stress Fix ~ Aveda’s New “Stress-Fix” aroma is clinically proven to relieve feelings of stress with a blend of lavender, lavandin, clary sage, frankincense and vetiver essential oils. This massage service combines swedish massage technique with deep tissue, reflexology and acupressure techniques to help the recovery process through the power of touch.

Bamboo Fusion Visage ~ (French Facial Massage) Relax as the warm bamboo reeds glide gently along the face.  The skin will be left soft and supple while increasing the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients.

Shampure Bliss Massage ~ Relax into pure bliss as four hands begin this massage. The therapists will glide over your sore muscles, easing tension with moisturizing cream infused with AVEDA’s signature aroma shampure.

Ahana ~ A customized blend of several techniques, selected by your therapist, tailored to your specific needs.

Shira ~ This treatment will focus on the head (shira) and sinuses. Recommended for headache relief. Warm or cold stones will soothe away soreness while focusing on sinus points. Facial massage cups will help stimulate relief from sinus congestion. An aromatherapy scalp and neck massage is the perfect ending to this treatment.

Enhancements ~

Cupping ~ An ancient form of Chinese medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create a suction.  It can help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being.  It is also a type of deep tissue massage.

CBD Infused ~ During this full body treatment, CBD infused cream will be massaged into specific areas to provide a unique sense of calm and relaxation.  CBD (non-psychoactive cannabidiol) is derived from hemp and has amazing natural healing benefits, reduces inflammation, helps relieve muscle pain, joint pain and anxiety.


Classic Facial ~ Simply put this basic facial will target your specific skin type to cleanse, tone, exfoliate & moisturize.  Leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed after a face, hand and scalp massage.

Pure Essential Facial ~ This luxurious facial is customized to address your skin’s needs. (acne, hyper-pigmentation, anti-aging, sensitivity)After a brief analysis, we will cleanse, tone and exfoliate the skin. This will be followed by an aromatic massage of the face, arms and hands. Treatment masks and moisturizer will complete your experience.

Thermo Lifting Facial ~True holistic skin therapy combining lymphatic drainage techniques to treat inflammation and blockages.  The thermo mask is warming and lifting and is good for all skin types.

Stone Facial ~ This deeply relaxing facial will target your specific skin type, while the muscles of the face, arms and hands are gently massaged using warm stones.

Back Facial ~ A target treatment for back to relieve breakouts.

Enhancements ~

Perfecting Plant Peel ~ This masque actively smoothes and retexturizes with exfoliating benefits of a 30% glycolic peel without irritation, restoring a youthful complexion.

Eye Zone Lifting Treatment ~ A refreshing eye treatment that conditions dry, tired and puffy eyes.  A perfect add on treatment to any facial.

Acne Enzyme ~ Papaya and pineapple enzymes exfoliate and polish away dead surface skin cells.  Ginko biloba delivers antioxidant benefits.

Vitamin C ~ Reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation , fine lines and wrinkles. Encourages cell tunrover to restore youthful clarity.

Body Treatments ~

Body Polish~ A gentle foaming exfoliating treatment of crushed almonds will leave your skin silky smooth.

Salt Scrub
~ Soothing sea salts mixed with warm aromatic oil will leave you feeling refreshed and rehydrated.

Rosemary Mint Wrap ~ A light invigorating dry exfoliation followed by an uplifting massage using our Rosemary Mint lotion.  You will be enveloped in a warm hydrating cocoon to rest while enjoying a soothing foot massage.

Beautifying Treatment ~ AVEDA’s Beautifying composition oils, infused with the uplifting aromas of organic lavender, bergamot, and rosemary combine with mineral rich salt crystals comfortably polishing away surface cells, revealing radiant soft skin, as certified organic plant oils melt in moisture. The skin is then hydrated with our rich Beautifying body moisturizer.

Damage Remedy Treatment ~ The journey begins by you selecting the aroma to be infused into your massage. As we glide from your scalp to your neck, arms and hands you will feel your cares begin to melt away. After a moisturizing or strengthening treatment will be applied to your hair a warm wrap will help the pure plant oils penetrate and repair the damaged hair. The journey will end with a blowdry.

Avocado and Silk Wrap ~ Restore balance and harmony to the skin with this moisturizing wrap. Beginning with a dry exfoliation the body will then be enveloped in a warm avocado and silk body wrap. Enjoy a nice scalp,neck and foot massage while you are cocooned. The skin is left completely hydrated and silk smooth.

Back Therapy ~ The perfect treatment to soothe tired, achey back muscles. A blend of sea salts and oil will exfoliate the skin. Layers of warm paraffin painted on the back help soften the skin and soothe the muscles. A relaxing 30min. massage is the perfect ending to this treatment.

Manicures ~

Classic ~ Treat your hands to this nourishing manicure.  Accompanied by an aromatic and relaxing hand massage, nail detailing and polish.

Pure Essential ~ Soften and smooth dry, tired hands with this relaxing and replenishing manicure.

Menacure ~ Simply put our classic manicure with out polish.

Express ~ Basic nail treatment including nail shaping and polish.

Pedicures ~

Classic Pedicure ~ Starting with a warm aromatic foot soak and nail detailing, your feet will then be exfoliated with Aveda’s body polish.  Followed by a relaxing massage to ease tired feet.

Pure Essential Pedicure ~ Your pedicure will begin as your feet are immersed in an aromatic whirlpool bath. After nail detailing, your legs and feet will be exfoliated with Aveda’s body polish. Your achy legs and feet will be massaged with the peppermint aroma of foot relief finished by a warm paraffin dip to soothe your soles.

Aroma Stone Pedicure ~ Select one of AVEDA’s signature aromas to be infused into your classic pedicure. (Beautifying for moisture, Rosemary mint for uplifting or Shampure for calming.) Warm stones will glide along your legs and feet to melt away the tension.

Sports ~ Our classic pedicure without polish application.

Spa Etiquette and Ammenities~

  • Double spa treatment rooms available for couple’s massage, facial, body treatments, manicures and pediures.
  • We will be happy to customize a package for any occasion.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment to ensure maximum relaxation. Your late arrival will result in your service being shortened to maintain our schedule.Please leave all jewelry & valuables at home.A locker, robe & slippers will be provided for all spa services.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone in the spa area. We understand you may be on your lunch hour or expecting an important phone call however you must be courteous to the other guests.
  • Gratuities are not included in the price of your service.
  • Our highly trained professionals will hold  your modesty in the highest regards throughout your services.
  • Please advise your therapist/technician of any medical concerns or issues before or during your service.
  • Please feel free to express any preferences regarding your service to ensure quality DownTime.